A running commentary by a former Anglican priest who was baptized Catholic,

kidnapped from the Church in his youth,

and found his way back through the blessings of Anglican spirituality.

Sunday, November 25, 2012


I love our government here in America. Contrary to the opinion of many, I think that things are run quite smoothly. I really have no problem with the system, or the direction that it is going in. Our leader is a very kind, and caring man, who sincerely follows through with what he says he is going to do. Some of those on his staff seem a bit poorly trained, but that is to be expected in today's world.

The government I am speaking of is not the civil government of America, but the government of Christ the Lord. If you thought that I was speaking about civil government (which by comparison is pitifully small), then you likely have the same tendencies as Pontius Pilate: thinking that civil government is the primary one, and all others come after. Today's reading from the gospel of John has Pilate discussing with Jesus about where authority lies.

Jesus makes it clear that His kingdom does not find its source or root in the civil authority of this world. In other words, the authority of this world pales when compared to the authority that is over and above this world. We profess in the Creed that Jesus' kingdom will have no end, but do we live like it? Or do we live more like we believe that the kingdom of men is superior?

Our primary government here in America is the same government everywhere, and in every land: the government of the risen Lord Christ Almighty. His authority is over that of all others. His authority is permanent. His authority affects our lives much more significantly than does any other. Jesus' authority is over that of all others. They only have their authority by derivation.

So on this solemnity of Christ the King, we ought to ask ourselves which authority comes to mind when we think about "government"? Is it the authority of the Church? Is it the authority of the state? Is it the authority of our personal family? What comes to mind when you hear the word "government"? It is revealing in many ways, but the most important that we should draw our attention to is this: if our first thought is civil government, then we have missed much of the point of Jesus' ascension to the throne, and His power as King of kings.

Which government in this day and age is the one that influences your life more than any other? If you think about anything other than Christ's government, you are likely accepting the world's ideas of truth. You are accepting the lie that Jesus' authority means little to nothing in our lives. In fact, Jesus' authority is the most significant authority in the universe.

The King of kings and Lord of lords is currently reigning (contrary to popular belief). He cannot be unseated; He cannot be injured; and He cannot be threatened. Only in Christ can we rest all our confidence. Only in Him can we find the hope that we are called to have. It is to this very same risen and ruling Jesus that I point you today and every day. Keep your confidence in Him, and He will never fail you.

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